November 11-12, Dubbo will host the inaugural National Indigenous Touch Football Knockout.

Thousands of players and supporters from across NSW and beyond will travel to Dubbo to enjoy a feast of touch football competition at the region’s premier football venue, Caltex Park.

If you’re visiting Dubbo to participate or spectate, then check out our handy links:

  • Accommodation:  from 5 stars to under the stars:  select a bed  >>>more info
  • Transport:  Dubbo is ideally located on the cusp of three major highways - the Newell, Mitchell and Golden - or the City has daily air and rail services to make getting here and around a breeze >>>more info
  • Attractions: Don’t miss out on exploring our City during your visit >>>more info
  • Eating out:  Dubbo boasts an excellent range of cafes, restaurants, popular eateries, pubs, clubs and bistros >>>more info
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Need a map?  
Click here. Caltex Park is reference I7. 

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